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Dags! [a personal post]

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to include a bit more personal blogging on this site. I’m finally getting around to that (and finally have something interesting to share, the winter doldrums have hit me hard!).

A little less than 5 years ago, my parents bought a getaway property in the Endless Mountains and we’ve been trekking up there as often as possible ever since for campfires, summers swimming in the pond, ATV riding, tree felling, wine tasting, and on and on and on. In the last few years the property has been rented out to incoming gas drilling employees and their families (I will spare you my personal soapbox rant about gas drilling), so this past weekend was a precious bye week between renters.

So we packed up the dogs (FIVE!) and rolled around the mountainside all weekend for a much needed getaway.


Born free!


This is my boy George. We adopted George from a boxer rescue at Thanksgiving, so this was his first trip to the farm, and I don’t think he could have been more pleased. It turns out that George has quite a nose on him, and was very successful at finding bones and other gross dead things.

Macy is my sister’s dog, a true-blue Labrador who can most likely be found swimming in the ponds.


Gracie is my sister’s friend’s rescue pup. Also a first timer at the farm, but very pleased to be there.

If you’ve never had a mountain pie before, get thee to a campfire!

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am firmly on Team Boxer. The two on the outside are mine — George and Rian (who has been around the block here in the mountains, our Original Farm Dog). In the middle is Ernie, my cousin’s boxer.

King George.

After a morning of running up and down the mountainside, everybody pretty much passed out. This happens frequently.

Jeep full’a boxers. Love.

My dad, The Badger, loves his tractor.


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