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Saving Calvin

So, I’ve got a pretty weird (read: amazing) job. It’s weird in that it takes me to random places and introduces me to fabulous people. (Just yesterday I got to meet and photograph Marc Summers(!!!), a fixture of my Double Dare watching childhood and producer of some of my current favorite Food Network shows–that first link is particularly awesome. But I’m getting distracted.) My husband’s job, on the face of it, is pretty run-of-the-mill, he manages a small machine shop for a civil construction company. Somehow, though, the herd of campus cows ended up in his job description despite his lack of husbandry experience. And so I bring you: Saving Calvin.

Calvin is a days-old Polled Hereford calf, and he’s not doing so hot. Last night I got to tag along while Greg played both vet and mama cow to Calvin in an effort to get him to pull through. (Poor Calvin had no name before I got there, of course, but now he is properly established.) Calvin still isn’t doing very well this morning, but he sure is cute. C’mon Calvin! We’re all rooting for you.

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